Reliable Results

 Improved Throughput, Sales, Lead time & Quality = More Reliable
Below are some of the companies Reliable NI is currently working with:

Wrightbus Composites
Increase Process Throughput by 50% through Cellular Layout

Fivemiletown Creamery
Increase Goats Cheese Throughput by 66% through One Piece Flow Layout

Maxwell Concrete
Job Costing Reduction up to 25%

Implementation of Product Costing Model

Improve Product Costing & Increase Capacity at Constraint

Rubber & Plastics
Improve Quality levels from 500 DPPM to Six Sigma Levels 

The following are examples of results that local companies have achieved through Constraint Focused Lean Improvements along with the type of solution.

Increase Turnover of a Shed manufacturer from £8m to £16m in 10 months through Constraint Optimisation, Material Replenishment System & SMED
See Linked Press Story:
Increase Capacity of a Printing business by 150% through SMED - £3m value

Increase Throughput of a Lintel manufacturer by 30% through Line Balancing

Increase Throughput & Sales for a Job Shop Press company by 25% through improved scheduling & Lead Time control.

Increase capacity for new contracts by 20% in a Call Centre through Quality Control of the Sales Process.
Increase capacity of a Meat Producer by 15% through constraint optimisation
Reduce Lead Time of a Low Volume Valve Manufacturer from 300 to 180 days and Scrap Reduction of £145k per year.
Development & install of through beam fibre-optic proximity sensors & pressure transducers to reduce product damage by 25% for a Hard Disc Manufacturer